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Moto's Kitchen: Recipe 14 - Decorative Cutting

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Recipe 14 - Decorative Cutting
**Be careful with and around knives! Use caution!**
Today in Moto's Kitchen we're learning how to cut vegetables in a fun and decorative way! Master the techniques of decorative food cutting using knives and cookie cutters. Stay tuned for the next episode!
What you need:
A few sharp knives
Sausages (Berkshire is the best)
Serve with:
Bento box! Stay tuned!
Cut the cucumber so you have a section that is about an inch and a half. Using a smaller knife, cut through the middle of the cucumber. Keep the knife in the middle of the cucumber. Using a different knife, cut diagonally, and do the same for the other side.
Cut the carrots into thin slices. Using a cookie cutter, or a vegetable cutter, put it through the carrot.
Cut the apple into eighths. Get rid of the core. Make an incision from the middle of the apple to the side, and repeat for the other side. This should make a "V" shape in the middle of the apple. Make a thick peel from the bottom to the top of the apple, but stop before you cut the peel off.
Option 1) Like the cucumber, make an incision in the middle of the sausage. Keep the knife in and use a different knife to cut if diagonally. This should give you the same shape as the cucumber.
Option 2) (Sausage Crab) Cut the sausage in half. Cut 3 lines at the end of the sausage. After you boil it, poke two hole and stick 2 black sesames to make eyes. If you would like, cut up tooth picks and stick it in the sausage to make it look more realistic!
Option 3) (Sausage Octopus) Cut the sausage so that half of it is cut and the other half is not. Flip it 90 degrees and cut it again. Boil the sausage until it expands and floats.
Tip: Use sharp knives! Any kind of knife works, steel or stainless steel, as long as it is sharp. Using dull knives for decorative cutting are very dangerous and you could cut yourself!
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