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Tofu Don Recipe and Homemade Dashi Soy Sauce (Chilled Tofu Bowl with Shirasu and Takanazuke)

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We are making Tofu Don, a tofu bowl, which is a delicious way to enjoy plenty of chilled, smooth tofu. We'll also introduce how to make delicious dashi soy sauce. This is an easy and very tasty rice bowl that you don't need to cook during the hot season. You can just arrange what you have in the refrigerator on the rice bowl.

How to Make Tofu Don

(serves 1) Cook Time: 20 minutes

[Tofu Don (Tofu Bowl)]
Steamed Rice, as much as you like
Used Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes), saved after making the dashi stock
200g Soft Silken Tofu, 1/2 pack (7.1 oz)
1 Egg Yolk, optional
20g Soft Shirasu Whitebait, kamaage shirasu (0.7 oz)
20g Takanazuke, pickled takana leaves fermented with lactic acid, substitute: suguki, nozawana or hiroshima pickles (0.7 oz)
Tenkasu, crunchy bits of deep fried flour-batter
Spring Onion Leaves
Toasted White Sesame Seeds

[Dashi Soy Sauce] (about 150 ml/5.1 fl oz, substitute: regular soy sauce or mentsuyu, noodle soup base)
80ml Mirin (2.7 fl oz)
100ml Soy Sauce (3.4 fl oz)
50ml Water (1.7 fl oz)
3g Dashi Kombu Seaweed, shredded used kombu can be used in miso soup (0.11 oz)
10g Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes) (0.35 oz)

Recipe Notes:
As a substitute for the takana pickle, there are lactic acid fermented pickles such as Kyoto's Suguki, Hiroshimana, and Nozawana pickles.
When using this dashi soy sauce as a dipping sauce for soba or udon noodles, dilute 1 part dashi soy sauce with 2 parts cold water.
When making the dashi soy sauce, you can add sake to the mirin instead of the water and evaporate the alcohol together. The sake will add a savory flavor to the dashi soy sauce, making it even more delicious.
You can store the chopped spring onions in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. Line a paper towel in a food storage container and place the spring onions in it.

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