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Cool Summer Noodles (Nagashi Somen and Hiyashi Chuka) | Go! Francis! Cooking with Dog

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Lets cool off during these hot summer days in Japan!
The first episode - A special feature on cool summer noodles -
Francis, the emcee of Cooking with Dog leaves the kitchen to start an adventure to introduce the Japanese food culture. In this episode, we introduce "noodles" to help get through the hot summer of Japan, when we tend to lose our appetites. We dine on the traditional summer dishes "nagashi somen"(flowing somen noodles) and "hiyashi chuka"(chilled Chinese noodles).
季節料理 鮒宿 / Seasonal Cuisine Restaurant Funayado
揚子江菜館 / Yosuko Saikan
わんこそば たち花 / Wanko Soba Tachibana
第1回目 ~夏の涼しい麺特集~
Cooking with Dogの司会:フランシスが、キッチンを飛び出し『日本の食文化』を紹介する冒険に出ました。今回は、食欲がなくなりがちな日本の猛暑を『麺』で乗り切るべく、夏の風物詩とも言える流し素麺と冷やし中華を頂きました。
Starring Francis and Chef
Narrator Cyrus Nozomu Sethna
Guest Starring Mark Chinnery
Production Collaborators
Seasonal Cuisine Restaurant Funayado
Yosuko Saikan / Wanko Soba Tachibana
Illustrations Joanna Zhou
Graphics Nahoko Hara
Puppet Maker Bonzo Mama
MA Ryuichi Kajie(EION-KUKAN)
Director Sanae Kikuchi
Producer Hanami Oka
in cooperation with Tastemade
Production FOODIES TV
食品 - Food
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