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Japanese Children's Song - Curry Rice - カレーライス - Food Song

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カレーライス (curry rice) also known as カレー (curry) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. You can make カレー with many different types of meats and vegetables. One of the most common ways to make カレー is with chicken, potatoes, carrots, and onions
Singer: Yasuda Mizuho
Ninjin ninjin
tamanegi tamanegi
jagaimo jagaimo
buta niku buta niku
onabe de onabe de
itamete itamete
gutsugutsu nimashou
o shio o shio
karērū karērū
toketara toketara
aji mite aji mite
koshō o koshō o
iretara iretara
hai dekiagari
mogumogu mogumogu
mushamusha mushamusha
o mizu mo o mizu mo
gokugoku gokugoku
nandaka nandaka
Chika-ra ga chika-ra ga
morimori waite kita
教育 - Education
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