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What is "One Soup and Three Dishes”? | Go! Francis! Cooking with Dog

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Basics of Japanese Meals
The second episode -What is "One Soup and Three Dishes”?-
Following from the previous episode, Francis continues on in his adventure for introducing Japanese meals. After enjoying a delicious lunch at the JAXA Sagamihara Campus, Francis learns a lot about meals from Mr. Hattori. He will also talk about the delicious Japanese set meals. So who did you eat with today?
服部栄養専門学校 / Hattori Nutrition College
早寝早起き朝ごはん全国協議会 / "Sleep Early, Wake Early, Eat Breakfast" National Council
JAXA 宇宙航空開発機構(JAXA相模原キャンパス) / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA Sagamihara Campus)
[営業時間]12:00~15:00 / 18:00~翌3:00(2015年8月取材時)
第2回目 ~『一汁三菜』って知ってる?~
Starring Francis and Chef
Narrator Cyrus Nozomu Sethna
Production Collaborators
Hattori Nutrition College
HayaneHayaokiAsagohan Zenkoku Kyougikai
("Sleep Early, Wake Early, Eat Breakfast" National Council)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Illustrations Joanna Zhou
Graphics Nahoko Hara
Puppet Maker Bonzo Mama
MA Ryuichi Kajie(EION-KUKAN)
Director Sanae Kikuchi
Producer Hanami Oka
in cooperation with Tastemade
Production FOODIES TV
食品 - Food
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