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Housewife in Japan - Making HIYASHI CHUUKA - 冷やし中華の作り方

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(字幕あり) How to make Hiyashi chuuka (cold ramen noodles) a typical summer Japanese meal. 夏は暑いので冷やし中華を作って体を冷しましょうね

Housewife in Japan is a Japanese life youtube tv show teaching you how to cook and clean in Japan.


生中華麺 nama chuukamen raw ramen
氷 koori ice
きゅうり kyuuri cumber
卵 tamago egg
トマト tomato tomatos
ハム hamu ham
たれ tare sauce

GOMA is sesame seed type sauce
SHOYU is soy sauce type sauce

You can also put Karashi on it.

または you can also put on
紅生姜 beni shouga (bright red pickled ginger)
えび ebi shrimp

Cut all the ingredients into very thin SENGIRI slices.
boil the ramen for about 3 mins. You must use raw ramen here, you can't use instant ramen, it probably wont taste so good.

IF you don't have ramen in your country, try using spagheti. It will taste very different but it might give you an idea of how it is.

cool the noodles with cold ice water, drain the water and put noodles on a plate. Then put whatever you like on it, put sause over it and eat :)

Enjoy cooking :)

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