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Uki Uki NihonGO + Culture! - Lesson 15 - Useful Expressions in a Restaurant

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ウキウキ NihonGO! Lesson #15 Useful Expressions in a Restaurant

Welcome to Uki Uki NihonGO! + Culture

Try out these useful expressions next time you're in a Japanese restaurant!

おすすめはなんですか。Osusume wa nan desuka? = What do you recommend?

これ,_______がはいっていますか。Kore, _____ ga, haitte imasuka? = Does this have _____ in it?

_______を いれないでください。____o irenaide kudasai. = Please don’t put in ______.

いじょうです。Ijou desu = That is all.

おいしそうですね。Oishisou desu ne.=It looks delicious.

とても おいしいです。Totemo oishii desu.= This is very delicious.

いただきます。Itadakimasu. = expression of gratitude before meal

ごちそうさまでした。Gochisou-sama deshita. = expression of gratitude after meal

_______ もう ひとつ おねがいします。____、mou hitotsu onegai shimasu = One more _____, please.

おかんじょう、おねがいします。Okanjou onegaishimasu. = Check, please.

おかんじょうは、べつべつで おねがいします。Okanjoo wa betsu-betsu de onegai shimasu. = Separate bills, please.

おつりは けっこうです。Otsuri wa kekkou desu. = Keep the change, please.

カードでもいいですか。Kaado demo ii desuka? = Is it OK to use a credit card?

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Music by: Soichiro Migita
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