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Sweet Dessert Nails

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Hello my ice cream sprinkles!

Here's another quick nail tutorial for you guys! If you're somebody with a super sweet tooth, you'll love this Sweet Dessert Nail Design. Even if you're not crazy on sweet foods, these nails will still make you happy ^_^.

All you will need are nail polishes, a bobby pin and a tooth pick. That's it!

I saw this nail design in a Nail Art magazine last week and thought it looked so adorable. Nails look almost edible. Nommies!

Like I said above. I saw this design in a magazine. No I did not copy my friend CutePolish. I did see her version and I thought it looked amazing. I based my design off this page as you can see:

I would always state if I based a nail design from somewhere else. I read a lot of nail art books and I find ways to recreate them with tooth picks & bobby pins. Please have a little more faith in me. If I say it's from a magazine, it's from a magazine.

Music: Honey by Kara instrumental

Have a great week guys!! New Vlog will be up tomorrow! Don't forget to subscribe to my vlog channel:


Much love, Bubz

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Much love, Bubz xx
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