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Go! Francis! Tokyo Okashi Land 東京おかしランド #2 | Cooking with Dog

11.11 Single Day
You can have all the most popular candy to yourself at Tokyo Okashi Land! The second episode
Continuing from last episode, here is Francis at "Tokyo Okashi Land" to report on "delicious sweets and snacks in Japan" for all of you overseas. Together with Ohashi-san, who accompanied our rounds to all of the shops, they made a perfect pair. We were delighted to buy lots of popular candy snacks and Chef's favorite chocolates. But just because Francis cannot eat chocolate, doesn't mean you should eat it all by yourself!
東京駅一番街/First Avenue Tokyo Station
東京おかしランド/Tokyo Okashi Land
Starring Francis and Chef
Narrator Cyrus Nozomu Sethna
Production Collaborators Tokyo Okashi Land
Calbee Plus / Morinaga no Okashina Okashiya-san / Glico-ya Kitchen
Illustrations Joanna Zhou
Graphics Nahoko Hara
Puppet Maker Bonzo Mama
MA Yasuo Kosuge(CROSSCO)
Director Sanae Kikuchi
Producer Hanami Oka
in cooperation with Tastemade
Production FOODIES TV
食品 - Food
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