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Japanese Shopping Avenues=“SHOTENGAI” introduces Japan in depth.
SHOTENGAI is one of must-visit spots for foreign tourists to experience Japanese traditional life and culture.
Originally, SHOTENGAI is not famous as a tourist spot.
Japanese old-typed shopping mall called ’SHOTENGAI’ is a shopping street lined with many shops on both sides, and has been developed as shopping spot for people who live in there.
If you visit, you meet and find variety of products necessary to Japan’s daily life and some products and foods have their own regional characteristics. Also, you can enjoy tasting regional foods such as DANGO: Japanese dumpling and sweets, DIFUKU: rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam, SOBA; Japanese buckwheat noodles and so on.
Experience Japan’s local life and find a new you’ve never met.
ドキュメンタリー - Documentary
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