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Casual Shopping Outfit of the Day

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Hello sunshine!!

Casual type of video day. It was a lunch, shopping and dinner kind of day so before I left the apartment, I thought I'll do a quick Outfit of the Day video. I never do enough of these XD. Sowee! But really, it's because I honestly don't shop for clothes very much so I just wear the same stuff over and over.

Since it was an easy going type of day, I wanted to look casual and be comfy.

I LOVE blouses and it's even better when it's embellished with a feminine frilly detail. It means I don't need to make as much effort accessorising and it really adds a feminine quality to the overall outfit. I really believe any girl will look beautiful with this type of blouse. It can be worn in a casual AND elegant way. I am on the hunt for more of these. I LOVE FRILLY SHIRTS RIGHT NOW!!

Now remember, if you like my outfit - you don't have to buy the exact same clothing. You can definitely use it as inspiration to find your own dupe whenever you go out shopping. For all you know, you will probably find one that looks/fits better on you ^_^

You can check out my latest post on Bubzbeauty.com. I did some major purse damage shopping with my mama O_O: http://www.bubzbeauty.com/bubbi-likes/402-major-purse-kill.html

Hong Kong is getting warmer and warmer by the day!! Ahh... Here comes the sweaty knees and thighs (gross lol). Time to use the air con again. Speaking of Hong Kong, the marks you see on my legs are mosquito bites. Grr, why is it you always get them in batches? You never just have one bite. You always get like 5 at a go.

Ps. Nail tutorial up tomorrow!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love, Bubz xx
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