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Explore Okinawa: Art, Culture and Cuisine from the Ryukyu Islands

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Explore Okinawa: Art, Culture and Cuisine from the Ryukyu Islands
Okinawa Prefecture is a chain of islands that forms an arc off the southwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago. Located near the center of East Asia, Okinawa has developed a unique culture through its tropical climate and trading with other Asian countries since the 14th century. In this program, participants have the chance to delve into the strikingly unique culture of the tropical islands of Okinawa. Takao Kadekaru, Senior Executive Director of the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, introduces the Okinawan way of life through history and local culture. Hiroko Shou, Professor Emeritus of the University of the Ryukyus and a specialist in nutrition, speaks about Okinawan cuisine and its relationship with longevity. Textile artist Hiroshi Jashiki discusses Okinawan arts and crafts, including the vibrantly colored bingata textiles. Moderated by Susan Hamaker, freelance writer and President of the Okinawa American Association in NY. Followed by a tasting reception of Okinawan cuisine.
Tasting menu:
Bingata roll: A colorful salmon roll with cucumber and turmeric-tinted rice, representing the vibrant patterns of bingata textiles
Rafute: Braised pork belly simmered in soy sauce, awamori liquor, and Okinawan brown sugar
Jimami tofu: A sweet and savory tofu dish seasoned with peanut butter and sweet potato starch
Goya chanpuru: Okinawa’s signature stir-fry, made with egg, tofu, and the exotic green goya, or “bitter melon”
Mozuku: A healthy seaweed treat that has a mild flavor and is loaded with nutrients

Okinawan beer: A light, crisp beer brewed in Okinawa, which is perfect for the islands’ tropical climate
Sanpin tea: A floral green tea similar to jasmine, Sanpin is the most popular variety of tea in Okinawa
Shikwasa juice: Made from the shikwasa citrus fruit, this juice has a pleasant balance of sweet and tart notes
Awamori Cocktail: Cocktail made from Okinawa’s distinctive awamori liquor, which has a smooth, deep flavor
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