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SAKISHIMA meeting - Japan Society 2015 Annual Dinner

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SAKISHIMA meeting performing at Japan Society 2015 Annual Dinner, June 11, 2015
Song Titles:

1. TOME DOME (トゥミドゥミ) 0:07
2. 夏至南風(カーチパイor Kachi Pai)4:10
3. Danny Boy 9:46

SAKISHIMA meeting, the duo of Yukito Ara from Shiraho, Ishigaki Island and Isamu Shimoji from Miyako Island, perform a unique blend of Okinawan tunes overlaid with Western rhythms and melodies. In July 2008, the duo released their first CD, SAKISHIMA meeting, and in 2010, they released THE RAINBOW. The duo has actively expanded their presence outside of Okinawa Prefecture and Japan, performing in the U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The duo recorded the theme song TOME DOME for the film Karakara, which won two awards at the Montreal world Film Festival in December 2012. In July 2013, they released their first best-of album titled, simply, THE BEST. In February of this year, they performed live in New York and Washington D.C. as part of the Music from Japan Program featuring Okinawan folk songs. They received high praise from The New York Times when their music video Danny Boy was posted on nytimes.com.

Yukito Ara (vocals, sanshin) began studying Yaeyama folk songs under his father, Koei Ara at the age of 11. At the age of 17, Ara became the youngest winner of the Yaeyama Traditional Music Competition. Ara performs with the band Parsha Club, SAKISHIMA meeting, duets with percussionist Satoshi "Sunday" Nakasone and regularly plays solo. In 2008, Ara won the Choho Miyara Music Award's Special Prize for achievement in Okinawan music. In October 2011, he released the collaborative album Jouya with pianist Yuko Sato through Teichiku Entertainment.
Isamu Shimoji (vocals, guitar) writes and sings most of his original songs in the Miyako Island dialect. Shimoji made his debut with Pioneer (Kaitakusha) in 2005. In 2006, he won the Choho Miyara Music Award's Special Prize and in 2008, his 6th album, 3%, was selected in the Korea Hi-Fi Journal Best Record Awards. Shimoji is also active with the group Shimobuku Record with celebrated Okinawan band BEGIN guitarist Masaru Shimabukuro.
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