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How to Remove Makeup

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Hello my little red pockets!!!

So I got back home from a late family dinner and thought I'll show you guys how I remove my makeup. I'll be sharing the products I use and also my makeup removal techniques. Relax and wind down from a busy night with me and let's enjoy our casual evening together tehee.

Makeup hygiene is one of the most important aspects in the world of makeup and skincare. It doesn't matter how amazing your skincare regime is- if you don't remove your makeup properly -- your skin is going to suffer with breakouts.

Most people see makeup removal as a boring chore but why not try to ENJOY it? Instead of harsh scrubbing the eyes (irritating them and inviting premature wrinkles), INDULGE yourself in the process of clean refreshed skin.

When I know my skin is nice and clean, I sleep better and wake up to a fresher complexion. THEN you can go to bed with a peace of mind ^_^v

I'll be writing a post on Bubzbeauty.com on the makeup removing products I use. I'll write it first thing in the morning. I just got home from staying at my parents place so I'm a bit tired x_X

Good night world!! Sweet dreams!

Ps. The lamb towel head is just for fun. It also keeps my head warm.
Pps. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! Wishing you all another blessed year!!
Ppps. Haha count how many times I said ok... I'm sorry x_x


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