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How I remove my Makeup !!!

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You guys have been wanting to know my Makeup removal routine for years so I decided to film a quick video while I was at Ipsy's Open Studio last week. Its very important to clean your face properly after Makeup. Makeup wipes aren't enough. Make sure to scrub, cleanse your face so your skin can stay happy and healthy. Not removing makeup well can give you acne and make your skin look tired and unattractive. I usually don't do all the steps shown above in a daily basis. I use the scrub and the Facial brush only once in a week
Ipsy Open studio :
Ipsy has recently opened a new Studio for Beauty Creators in Los Angeles. If you are a beauty creator on any platforms such as Youtube,Instagram, Vine etcs, You can now apply to be part of the Open Studio Program. Ipsy has everything you need to create amazing content (Green screens, Camera, Lights,Sounds,editing equipments) and you will have access to all these if you are selected. You will be selected based on your quality and potential not necessarily with the numbers of subscribers and likes. There is no contract,commissions and Mcns with OS. It is a great platforms that has been set up to help the beauty creators grow. Learn more about it here
Ipsy Products :
Reve de Miel Facial Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel
Dr. Brandt
Vaccum Cleaner Pore Mask
derma e
Other Products :
Lumene Finland Eye Makeup Remover
Cotton pads
Cotton Swabs
Proactiv+ Makeup cleansing Wipes
Medisonic Facial Brush
Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Face Cream
Next is Ursula Makeup Tutorial, Hope you are ready for more Villain videos
Thanks for Watching !!!
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