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Go! Francis! The Japanese Food Culture “Bento” | Cooking with Dog

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The Japanese food culture “Bento” ~The second episode / “The First Outing 〜Kyoto Episode〜”
Francis, the emcee of Cooking with Dog has left the kitchen and started the adventure of introducing the Japanese food culture.
In this episode, the Japanese bento culture is introduced. In recent years, along with the word "BENTO", the Japanese bento culture has started to spread worldwide. To introduce the attractiveness of “Bento" which is one of the Japanese food cultures, Francis interviews Mr. Bertrand Thomas, representative at Bento&co, a company specializing in Bento containers in Kyoto.
International Bento Contest
Cooking with Dogの司会:フランシスが、キッチンを飛び出し『日本の食文化』を紹介する冒険に出ました。今回ご紹介するのは『日本のお弁当文化』。近年、海外では『BENTO』という言葉と共に、日本のお弁当文化が普及し始めています。日本の食文化のひとつでもある『お弁当』の魅力を紹介すべく、京都にある弁当箱専門店『Bento&co』さんを訪ね、代表のベルトラン・トマさんにお話をお伺いしました。
Starring Francis and Chef
Narrator / Translation Cyrus Nozomu Sethna
Production Collaborators Bertrand Thomas(Bent&co.) / Nijo Castle
Illustrations Joanna Zhou
Graphics Nahoko Hara
Puppet Maker Bonzo Mama
MA Yasuo Kosuge(CROSSCO)
Director Sanae Kikuchi
Producer Hanami Oka
in cooperation with Tastemade
Production FOODIES TV
食品 - Food
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