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Carving Albacore Tuna into Sashimi ビンチョウマグロの解体ショー

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Hi! I actually made this when I did the homestay experience in Okinawa, but I hesitated about posting it because I know some people are empathetic towards animals and the consumption of meat. I thought it might be sensitive content. But at the same time, I think foodies and people interested in Japanese culture might want to know about this kind of experience so they can seek it for themselves.
If it makes you uncomfortable, please don't watch. :(
This type of fish-cutting in front of an audience is known as a "cutting show" (kaitai show 解体ショー) in Japanese, and many fish markets offer these events from time to time. If you look online for "Tuna Cutting Show" or "Maguro Cutting Show", you should be able to find a few tours available where you can have a similar type of experience.
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