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Why I Disappeared

Hello my dearest ones!
What a pleasure to be here once again like old times. Truthfully, I'm quite nervous heh...
This channel ignited my passion & dreams and then opened up many doors for me and yet for a while, I dreaded being here. It stopped feeding me spiritually. Today, I explain open up on why I “left” and why I suddenly had a change of heart.
In a nutshell, I lost my purpose and then felt like I lost my sense of belonging.
Even though I often did feel guilty for abandoning you guys, I never regretted how things turned out. My kids needed me. My mantra I kept repeating to myself was that my children won't be little for long. Now that Isaac is about to start Primary school after Summer and Ayla about to start daycare, I cannot believe I'm actually about to have a little more time to myself. The timing is perfect. The season has come for me to step forward again.
Today I’m putting it out there into the universe that I am making a comeback with zero expectations. I'm happy to start from square one again except this time, I'm starting with experience.
I was just going to start posting here more but figured if I'm going to really start things off again, I'm going to be honest with you all first and start with a nice clean slate.
I'm just happy to be able to chill with you guys all over again and pick up where we left off. Zero expectations. Just love.
New video will be up THIS WEEK! Got lots of new videos to come.
Thank you.
I missed you.
I love you.
All my love,
Bubz xo
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