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VIZ Media Presents- Your 2014 Anime and Manga Holiday Gift Guide!

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The Holidays are coming, so your friends at VIZ Media decided to bust out the video version of our favorite cheesy Holiday sweaters and do a gift exchange. Have your pals at VIZ been naughty or nice this year? Let's see what gifts they give each other!
Like the cool gifts you see? You can order them using these handy links:
Sailor Moon
Pokemon Indigo League:
Naruto Road to Ninja:
Ranma 1/2
Pokémon Adventures Ruby Sapphire Box Set

Pokémon Adventures Diamond & Pearl / Platinumm Box Set

Pokémon Black & White Box Set 2

Zelda Box Set

Voltron From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration

Hello Kitty, Hello 40

Art of Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke: First Story

Bakumon Box Set

Black Bird Box Set

Death Note Box Set

Ouran High School Host Club Box Set

Vampire Knight Box Set 2

One Piece Box Set 2

Full Metal Alchemist Box Set

Happy Holidays and lots of good cheer from all your friends at VIZ Media!
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