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[UNSUBSCRIBERS] webseries / digital manga presented by UNLISTED COMMUNITY ()
"In the blink of an eye the world may change, but only for some of us.
Sharla never expected that one morning, while looking for her friend Taylor on YouTube, she would read the words "no result". What frightened her even more was hearing the manager of Taylor's apartment building tell her Taylor's room has been vacant for years... yet somehow the rest of the world seemed to remain the same. With the help of her friend Sebastiano, Sharla begins to investigate the strange disappearance of her friend, of which only a few seem to have preserved the memory. However, the mystery goes beyond a channel suddenly disappearing or a phone number no longer active: something has altered reality, and it seems unwilling to stop..."
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Storywriter / Composer : Sebastiano Serafini

Illustrator / Editor : Max Rambaldi aka Digitalmakeup
Based on the life journey of Sharla in Japan :
Ft. Taylor R
Ft. Rachel and Jun
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ドキュメンタリー - Documentary
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