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The Wedding Gate Crash

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Hello my YT family!

What is the Gate Crash?
Traditionally, the groom and his groomsmen has to go through a number of obstacles before he can meet his blushing bride. Gotta love Chinese tradition for giving us girls an excuse to be evil!!

For Tim to meet the bride, he was challenged upon:
1. Are you strong enough?
2. Are you sweet enough?
3. Are you brave enough?
4. Are you fit enough?

Bridesmaids vs Groomsmen. Who's going to get their butt kicked?

We hope you guys enjoyed the wedding video. Today, we're so excited to share the Gate Crash part of our Wedding with you guys. I only got the footage today and already spent all day working on it. We really hope you guys get a good kick out of this video. I laughed many many times editing this. Big thank you to Cinematic Tide for filming the day for us. You guys are awesome!!!

To the groomsmen, thank you for erm... the "nice & touching" video messages you all left for Tim. They were... very touching indeed. Tim is lucky to have you all. However, I'm luckier to have my girls ^_~

Watch Our Wedding Day Video here: http://youtu.be/kX9UXOKKz6k
Watch Our Wedding Photo video here: http://youtu.be/_ECZIugpDG8

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Love Bubz & Tim xox

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