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The Inevitable Stage On Youtube

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Hello my friends,
It's been a while since our proper conversation never mind last heart to heart. How you guys been?
As we grow older each year, we have more responsibilities to juggle. I never minded it because I love everything I do as it inspires me so much. Sometimes, life just happens. I’ve almost spent 1/3 of my life on Youtube. In 8 years, of course people change. I found my priorities shifting and I eventually became less invested in this channel. I guess this is the inevitable stage of Youtube.
You guys might not see this as a huge deal but I have been guilt ridden for such a long time. It’s not just a channel to me. Bubzbeauty is like my baby. I owe so much to this Youtube channel. I’ve got to experience and learn so much all thanks to this channel. You guys have been nothing but amazing to me every step along the way. Sometimes, I do wonder if I let you guys down.
Vlogging has been such a helpful transition. It started off as something along the side to put all my random shenanigans into. It was fun and didn’t take half as much time as it did for a beauty video. It just fit our lifestyle perfectly. I love it 100% but I wonder if I just took the easier way out to cater my busier lifestyle. I thought all my creativity went out the window but it wasn’t true. I just used it in other directions like for my palette, book and charity designs. Either way, I’m so glad you guys enjoy the little doses of happiness. We vlog for the sake of vlogging but we’re very comforted to know it’s more for you. I’m glad I got to be your friend you needed whenever you were having a bad day. I feel very connected to my vlog channel family and even though I have a strong feeling that this is the same family here, I don’t quite feel as connected with my beauty channel anymore. This is where I want to make up for where I left.
Let’s bring Girl Talk episodes back and talk about issues that matter and influence our happiness. After all, beauty is more than on the surface right? Beauty also needs work from within. This has always been my core mission. Somewhere along the line, I ended up bringing it over to my vlog channel but I’m going to bring it back here.
Thank you for believing in me, supporting in me and being with me all these years.
Love, your friend Bubz xo
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