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Not My Arms Challenge | With My Brother

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Hello Youtube Family,
My brother and I do the ‘Not My Arms’ makeup challenge. Whoever created this challenge designed it for major failure but Ricky actually did a lot better than I expected. Still impressed that he said “contour palette” rather than bronzer. As I type this, I'm missing him so much. I had to fly back to sort out legal documents/home stuff before our big move back to the UK. I spent almost every single day with him. He'll always be my baby brother.
I spent the past 2 days feeling emotional with all the recent tragedies happening around the globe. It made me realise how dark the world can be. I was praying and praying but I couldn't help but feel hopeless. I know a lot of you must be feeling gloom with a cloud over your head. I hope this makes you smile even for a bit. Never take each day for granted no matter how mundane it may seem. As I tuck myself in bed each night, I realise how lucky I am to go to bed with a full belly, safe and sheltered. Life is fragile. Don't be afraid to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. Do all the things that give you meaning. No matter how short or long your life is- you will know you spent it worthwhile.
Ps. Now I know how I will look with big arms and tattoos.
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In fact, here's the comedy video we made together. Momo is back!
Thank you for watching!!
Love, Bubz xo
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