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Ninja Village! Chasing the Ninja to Saga Prefecture! | 忍者を追いかけて佐賀県へ!

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Ninja Village! Chasing the Ninja to Saga Prefecture!
Modeled after Ureshino City during the Edo Period, Hizen Yume Kaido’s Ninja Village is a very tongue-in-cheek, comical, yet entertaining Ninja theme park. With plenty of Ninja-themed activities and displays, it’s a popular place for families with small children.
Although they play it off with a great sense of humor, you can tell that the ninja working here, are very dedicated to their jobs.
Make sure you check out part one, in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture:
And then part two, where we visited the mountains of Nagano Prefecture:
Special thanks for the Japan Ninja Council:
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