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My Youtube Struggle

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Hello everyone,
I decided to make another Heart to Heart video while getting ready today. I got to meet a subscriber named April two weeks ago in the cereal aisle. What I learned from April was that she also has a Youtube channel but has found herself struggling to stay motivated. I was so distracted by a crying Isaac that I completely forgot to ask for her channel or I would've shared it here. She asked me if I could share my own personal struggles as a Youtuber and I agreed it was a great idea. Bear in mind, I could only share my own personal struggles and how I overcame them. It doesn't mean what I do would work for everyone. It's just something that has helped me joyful and going all these years. I don't know if this will even resonate for much of you but it's my deepest feelings of Youtube. No matter what, I'll always be thankful for Youtube. You guys have been my biggest reward since I started this journey and I want to slap myself silly each day because I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you all by my side.
I don't multitask very well so I decided to go with a simple everyday look. Sorry for such a sloppy look!! I forgot to set my foundation with setting powder hence the super smearing. I'm back on full swing writing the book again so will be trying my best to keep videos coming. For now, you guys know you can always find me on my vlog channel ^_~
April, if you are watching this- I want to apologise for being so zoned out then. You caught me during one of my off days (marital bickering with the husband) so I was quieter than usual. I can completely understand every single thing you are going through. I know how difficult it can be to stay inspired and motivated. I say this all the time and yet I feel like I don't say it enough, don't let numbers get to you. Focus on sharing what you love. If it's meant to be, the views/subscribers will come but don't let numbers steal away your joy. Someone will always be better and bigger and it's ok. If you can change one person's life for the better, your channel is worthwhile. I was too distracted by Isaac to properly reply you but I hope Isaac's kiss made up for it hehe. I hope to cross paths with you!!
Love, your friend Bubz xo
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