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My Eyeshadow Palette | Be By Buzbeauty

Hello Youtube Family,
I’m so excited today to announce that my signature eyeshadow palette “Be… By Bubzbeauty” is FINALLY available!!! The launch price is only $12.50!!!! Buy here:
I had the best time working on this palette and even though it took way longer than expected, it’s all been worth it. Unfortunately, the two previous companies I had worked with before only managed to “promise" but not deliver. I was heartbroken twice so didn’t want to get my hopes too high despite hearing wonderful things about BH Cosmetics. Luckily, they were hands on right from the beginning. Not once did they say “No, we can’t do that”. I’m truly thankful. Truly thankful they put all their trust in me in terms of design and layout too.
How did I get the inspiration? I asked myself, “If I could only use one palette for a whole year, what eyeshadows would I use?”. I knew it had to cater my day looks as well as night. I didn’t just want to create a pretty eyeshadow palette. I wanted to create something that would inspire you to be the best that you could be. Be beautiful inside and out. Positivity in a palette, if you will. Hopefully it’s what you guys expected. I’m very happy with the price too!!
First of all, I want to thank BH Cosmetics by choosing to work with little me. You guys have been nothing but patient and supportive. The launch took longer because I was picky and kept asking for improved samples and yet you guys never said a word. Thank you for believing in me and my viewers.
Secondly, thank you so much to my Youtube family who have been by my side all these years. Your guidance, support and love means the world to me and I believe it kept me going all these years. I really hope you guys will enjoy the eyeshadow palette. It was such a fun project. I truly appreciate the opportunity. If you do choose to get one, please take a pic and show me! It will make my day although I really feel like it's already been made ='D
I woke up to so many tweets and comments notifying me that you guys bought one already. I welled up right away. Some of you don't even wear makeup and yet you wanted to get one out of pure support. It just means so much to me. You have no idea...
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