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My Breast Reduction Surgery Experience +VLOG !!!!

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The last two years have not been easy for me. Just feels like I can't catch a break with all these health issues. Hoping 2023 will be much better cause I am trying to really be healthier and have a more active lifestyle, that was actually one of the reasons why I wanted a breast reduction. My breasts were becoming so heavy and more lopsided which was so bothersome when I run, and worked out. My posture has always been pretty bad and this wasn't helping either, it made me more unbalanced and more inclined to the right. Since I was a teenager I knew I would one day I would have to get surgery to fix it but I was so scared, I kept on procrastinating it. I did go in and consult a few docs in my 20s but I am actually glad I waited till now cause my breast changed so much over the years.
Surprisingly the surgery itself wasn't too bad, the recovery part was the challenge and the complications that came later. I think I was able to cover a good amount of details in this video even though there was so much that happened. I def been through hell and back with this surgery. Many tears, stress, and anxiety attacks. Had to learn to trust my body to heal itself. So so relieved the wound has finally closed up after 3 months, and now I am able to function normally. Seems like the issue was that my body was producing too much fluid after this surgery, which was preventing from the stitches closing up. The Dr did his best to help me and gave me extra care when I needed it. If you guys are curious, I went to Rodeo Aesthetics in Beverly hills.

Makeup Details :
Foundation: Jouer & Clinique
Setting Powder : Saie Beauty
Brows : PLouise brow pomade
Eyeshadow : Huda beauty Empowered Gold & Lunar beauty Nude Prism
Black liner : Makeup forever
Liquid Eyeliner : One size
Lashes : Falscara wisps from Kiss
Contour : Mac Radiant Matte bronze
Blush : Colourpop Sol blush Peaches
Highlighter : Rarebeauty
Mascara : Nars climax
Lips : Em Cosmetics & Nova beauty
Top : Maniere De voir
Glasses : Quay
Earrings : Yesstyle
美しさ - Beauty
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