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Life Update (Warning: Sensitive Content)

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TW: Loss

If you follow me anywhere else on social media, then you will already know this story and I'm sorry for taking the time to talk about it again, but for those who haven't been following along, I needed to be able to make this update before I could move forward with my own work.

Sometimes really sad things happen and there's just nothing you can do to change the outcome of the situation, over the past few years during the pandemic I'm sure I'm not the only one who has struggled with the loss of a loved one or two, but this has hit me so hard I've not really felt the same since. I don't think I'll ever truly move on from it, and even though things are subjectively "okay" now, there's not a day that goes by that I'm not processing old information in a new way, or re-examining minor details of the past events. Grief is weird like that.

But I am so thrilled to have my baby daughter. I can't wait to raise her here in Fukuoka City and teach her everything I know, and I hope you won't mind if she makes an appearance here and there from time to time, as well.

Hope to catch up again soon.
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