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Lamborghini Aventador challenge 2: the noise test

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The kind folk at Lamborghini lent us not one, but two Aventadors for the day: a Lamborghini Aventador coupe and a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. So, just how loud is an Aventador?

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What could we do with two supercars that hadn't been done before?

After a few moments thought, Steve Sutcliffe called in some assistance, booked a private test track, called in the slo-mo camera crew and set a series of light-hearted challenges for our intrepid supercar pairing.

Challenge two: just how loud is an Aventador?

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This is the second instalment in our Lamborghini Aventador challenge. In total there are four challenges including a noise test, drag race and handling test (plus some more gratuitous slo-mo of those jumps).

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