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It takes 24 hours from Tokyo to reach Japan’s most remote island community! 24時間にかけて小笠原諸島に行く!

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Would you make the long trek to a remote island such as this? ????????️⛴️

Welcome aboard the Ogasawara Maru ⛴️♥️

This ferry is the only mode of transportation between mainland Japan, and some of its most remote islands! It only runs once every six days, taking an entire day both ways - making the shortest possible stay on these islands four whole days!

Also known as the Bonin Islands, this small collection of islands lies 1000km south east of Japan and is actually considered to be part of Tokyo’s greater metropolitan area! Although the islands are incredibly remote and not easily connected to the mainland, approximately 2,500 people choose to live out their best lives here.

Evie and I, along with Loretta (@kemushijp) and her little boss, and the team at @makes_japan set out to visit this small tight-knit island community and learn about their perspective and way of life! I can’t wait to share the things we experienced during our short four day stay!

Happy to answer any questions about the ferry in the comments below! ✨✋
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