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Husband Gets a Girl Makeover

11.11 Single Day
Ello Ello!

Big thank you to the lovely Promise for tagging me to do "Husband gets a Girl Makeover' video. I have to say, despite dreading it a little. You will see why... The end was definitely worth it. Will Tim look good as a woman? Watch to find out.

As the tag title states, this video is all about using makeup to see how our partners will look like as a chick.

We were just really messing around so please don't take the makeup skills seriously. This is nothing compared to Promise & Steve's makeover XD. Nonetheless, props to Tim for participating in the video. The guy CANNOT stand having anything near his eyes so I'm very proud of him! I don't know about you but I think he looks pretty darn cute as a girl. I wish I have a dark wig argh..

I laughed a little bit more than I should've when editing this. I hope you guys will enjoy the silliness.

Can't believe it's already 5 months since we got married. Time flies when you're happy hehe.

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Love, Bubz & Tim xox

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