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Hunter x Hunter - Hunter Exam with Erica Mendez

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Order Hunter x Hunter, Volume 4 on Blu-ray/DVD:
Does Erica Mendez (@tsunderica), the voice of Gon Freecss, have the skills to pass the Hunter Exam?
Kurapika’s quest to wipe out the Phantom Troupe continues as the Ten Dons hire a team of professional assassins to take down the gang attacking the auction house. When Kurapika hears that the leader of the Phantom Troupe was killed, he heads to the auction site to see the proof for himself. Shortly after, the auction for the game Greed Island finally begins and Gon and Killua jockey for the few spots available. They’ll soon find out that training to get picked is child’s play compared to the game itself!
This Set includes 25 episodes on 4 Blu-ray discs.
Special Features: Art Gallery, English Cast interviews, Clean Opening/Ending songs, Trailers and English Credits.
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