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Hello everyone!
So we’ve approached the New Year. Some of you are waiting for this year to be THE year. New year or not, we should always strive to be our best self everyday. We are the ones who are responsible for our happiness.
Today, I share the 3 degrees to being truly CONFIDENT and HAPPY. Believe it or not, these two are linked together. You cannot fully be one without the other. Confidence is like a foundation of a building. If the foundation is weak, no matter how good it looks on the outside- the building is doomed to collapse sooner or later. Without confidence, we are unstable. If you start living by these 3 degrees, you will be happier and beaming with confidence.
My ABC degrees of confidence/happiness:
A for Appreciate,
B for Be Kind &
C for Care no more
Remember, we will have some good days and some not-so-good days. What’s most important is we remember to pick ourselves up. The worse thing we can do for ourselves is to seek for self pity. Instead, we should seek for self empowerment and empowering others. Confidence is something that takes time to build. Be patient. The more you give, the more you will receive. I promise. You learn the most when you teach it so keep inspiring others and staying inspired.
I actually made this video a month ago and only had a chance to edit this. To be honest, I’ve been feeling very guilty because it’s been so long I made this kind of video. It’s not that I’m “unbothered”, it’s just time just doesn’t seem to be on my side these days. I hope you guys will forgive me for being slack on videos lately. Truth is, self empowerment has always been what my channel has been about. No wonder I’ve been uninspired with video ideas. Somewhere along the way, I got lost with everything that’s been going on. I hope to keep doing these type of videos more often. I know you guys understand but I just want to thank you all again for being patient with me.
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