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Housewife in Japan - YAMAKAKE - White slimey dish - 山かけのレシピ

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(字幕あり) Yamakake is a Japanese dish made from raw tuna and yamaimo or nagaimo which when blended up makes a foam like substance. It is super easy to make and is really good.
raw maguro
soy sause
ginger or wasabi
yamaimo or nagaimo
Cut the raw maguro up into bits and let them soak in a little soy sause to get flavor. Grind down the yamaimo or nagaimo and pour the white substance over top of the fish. On top you can add the wasabi, ginger or nori. You can even add raw egg, onions, shiso leaves or other vegetables. There is no real rule with this ^^ enjoy.
MY NAME IS MIRA. I am a Youtuber from Tokyo Japan.
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私はミラです。 東京に住んでいて、日本の紹介の動画をアップしています。よろしくお願いしま­す。
Video edit by : Adobe Premier Elements 12
Graphics created in : Photoshop CS5
Video taken on : PANASONIC HC-V620m
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