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The H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV or KOUNOTORI) is an unmanned spacecraft developed by the Japanese space agency JAXA for transporting cargoes to the International Space Station (ISS). The HTV has been and is being operated by JAXA. All the HTVs to date have successfully completed their missions. The HTV has a world-largest supply capability. This video image traces the general itinerary of the HTV8's mission.

■ Overview of the HTV8's mission
The HTV8 not only transported devices that could be required for growing use of space and testing future space exploration technologies. It was also used as a platform for technical demonstrations for development of the planned new model of transfer vehicle "HTV-X."
A new model of cargo rack which had been designed for boosting the vehicle's cargo transportation capability was subjected to the technical demonstration tests. The results of the tests showed a 30 percent increase in the carrying capability. Also, a star tracker (star sensor) was used as attitude control sensor instead of the conventional earth sensor in consideration of an enhancement of the cargo transportation capability in space from the low earth orbit to the close side of the Moon. Thus, an achievement of adequate and constant attitude control was verified.

■ Related presentation video images
[Recorded image] Live broadcasting of KOUNOTORI8 launched by H-IIB8

Live broadcasting of KOUNOTORI8 being captured

Live broadcasting of the HTV8 "KOUNOTORI8" being separated from the ISS
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