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FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine) / Moments [Best 45 fabulous tracks by FPM] SPOT 2015.9.30 in stores

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Moments [Best 45 fabulous tracks by FPM] SPOT
2015.9.30 in stores
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Moments [モーメンツ]
Best 45 fabulous tracks by FPM
コロムビア、avex、インディーズ時代のレア音源、新曲を含むレーベルの枠を越えたFPM ALL TIME BEST 究極の45曲。
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Alone [アローン]
Best 15 mellow tracks by FPM
1. I Was In Love feat. 細美武士 (HIATUS / MONOEYES)
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Whistle Song feat. 鈴木重子
4. Honolulu, Calcutta feat. Lorrie Le Mans & Honymink (Gentle People)
5. Black Dada feat. キリンジ
6. Kimi Ga Hoshii feat. 田村玄一
7. On A Chair
8. A World Without Love feat. BONNIE PINK
9. Days And Days feat. Coralie Clement
10. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated To Mrs. Kennedy) feat. Simon Fisher Turner
11. Ai No Yume feat. 清水靖晃
12. God Save The Mona Lisa feat. Bob Dorough
13. Other Stories
14. One Minute For Sleep
15. Pura Saudade (Nova Bossa Nova) feat. Pat Cerqueira
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Rapture [ラプチャー]
Best 15 dance tracks by FPM
1 Without You feat. MONKEY MAJIK
2 Reaching For The Stars feat. INCOGNITO
4 You
5 I Think feat. KISSOGRAM
6 Take Me To The Disco
7 Dance Dance Dance Dance feat. SU (RIP SLYME)
8 Paparuwa
9 Mr. Salesman
10 Paragon
11 Curiosity
12 Libido
13 Obsession
14 Never Ever (Extra Vocal Mix) feat. Maki Takamiya
15 Bachelor Pad (Version For ""The Spy Who Shagged Me"")
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Lust [ラスト] Best 15 fine tracks by FPM
1. Why Not? feat. Ryohei Yamamoto
2. Beautiful Days feat. Haven L.Clayborne & Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN')
3. City Lights feat. Seth Timbs (Fluid Ounces)
4. Hey Ladies
5. Fanfare feat. TAHITI 80
6. We Are The Universe
7. There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) feat. Lorraine
8. Bolero feat. SAIGENJI
9. Steppin' Out feat. Dougee Dimensional (Gentle People)
10. Love Is Psychedelic feat. BENJAMIN DIAMOND
11. Can't You Feel It?
12. Piano And Clock
13. Bring Da Noise
14. Spectacular feat. VERBAL (m-flo/PKCZ®)
15. L'aventure Fantastique feat. Honeymink & Laurie Le Mans (Gentle People)
art direction: groovisions + Tomoyuki Tanaka (FPM)
design: groovisions
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