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ENDING 15 | BLEACH | Orange by Lil'B | VIZ

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Love that shines orange like the sun! ???? #ENDING 15: ???? Orange - Lil'B

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A text message wandered in a short night
My bright standby screen lights up my room and my loneliness
Knowing you feel the same is a melancholy happiness
I want to leap over distance and time to see you

Crying, laughing, loving,
what is the color of your heart right now?
Crying, laughing, loving, when we’re smiling,
we shine orange like the sun

I’m riding the dream you showed me
It’s so endlessly large that I might get lost
When you’re not around, I feel like crying
I don’t ever want to let go of your hand

Crying, laughing, loving,
what color do you think our future will be painted?
Crying, laughing, loving, decades later,
I’ll still wish for the bittersweet orange color

Lyrics by: MIE, AILA
Music by: Yuuki Kuromitsu
Arranged by: Yuuki Kuromitsu
Performed by: Lil'B
ゲーム - Game
viz media, anime, official
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