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DIY Wine Mask

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This wine mask is one of my favorite DIY masks at the moment. It is a wonderful luxurious treat for your skin. If your skin is in need of hydration and repair due to the cold weather, this is the perfect mask for your face. If you are under the drinking age, please ask your parents or guardian about making this mask. I don't want to get in trouble!

PLEASE don't waste wine. If you have a bottle and you're okay with sparing 2 tablespoons of it, add it to yogurt to create this incredible mask.

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There are different selections of red wine, you have Merlot which is the softest, easiest wine to drink. It's sweet with a fruity flavor, but it's very mild. Cabernet Sauvignon has more of an earthy oak flavor. It's stronger in taste because of the grape's thick skin. Pinot Noir has existed for over 2 thousand years. It has the most delicate taste, personally, it's my favorite. There are more types, but for this tutorial, any red wine will do.

Thanks to Dr. Kathrina Agatep for correcting my smile and jaw! She's the best on the West Coast for TMJ treatments!

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