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Behind the Scenes of a Japanese Confectionery Shop: Witness the Magic of Traditional Wagashi Making!

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We asked the owner of a local Wagashi shop to let us film the process of making some traditional Japanese sweets. English and Japanese subtitles are available, so make sure to turn on the captions on YouTube. Hope you enjoy watching the video.

Kashiya Hikoichi (菓子や彦一)


0:00 Intro
0:35 Making mochi for Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry-filled mochi) - 5:14 AM~
12:03 Boiling beans for Mame Daifuku (bean-filled mochi), steaming sticky rice, preparing strawberry anko (sweet bean paste) - 6:05 AM~
22:12 Making anko balls for Mame Daifuku, pounding sticky rice with a machine to make mochi, starting to wrap Ichigo Daifuku with mochi - 7:02 AM~
31:13 Wrapping sakura mochi with leaves, making more Ichigo Daifuku and packaging them, talking strawberry varieties, making Mame Daifuku - 8:00 AM~
44:01 Finishing wrapping Mame Daifuku, loading wagashi products onto a cart and moving them - 9:05 AM
45:54 Placing the shop sign, displaying freshly made Mame Daifuku and Ichigo Daifuku in the store, starting to make dorayaki batter - 10:00 AM~
53:30 Making dorayaki batter, strawberries being delivered to the shop, talking the dorayaki recipe, assisting the first customer, steaming chestnuts in a steamer - 11:05 AM~
1:02:32 Straining the dorayaki batter, chestnuts finishing steaming, assisting the second customer, baking dorayaki and filling them with sweet bean paste and chestnuts, displaying dorayaki in the store - 12:08 AM~
1:14:40 Interview with the shop owner, directions from the back alley to the shop's sales area
食品 - Food
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