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ASAKUSA SCAMS - Fake yukata - (REUPLOAD) - 浅草の詐欺 外国人が騙されないように

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(字幕あり) (REUPLOAD 再アップです - see fb for reason)
Yukata and kimono are Japanese wear
There are plenty of fake yukatas and kimono sold towards tourists.
Dont give donations to ppl
theres many fake donation people or people who try to sell you stuff. This is scam
MY NAME IS MIRA. I am a Youtuber from Tokyo Japan.
I make a lot of videos about Japan, so if you are interested, check them out.
You also should check out my facebook, twitter and blog :)
私はミラです。 東京に住んでいて、日本の紹介の動画をアップしています。よろしくお願いしま­す。
Video edit by : Adobe Premier Elements 12
Graphics created in : Photoshop CS5
Video taken on : PANASONIC HC-V620m
演芸 - Entertainment
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