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ANTI-DRONE SYSTEMS: Taiwanese Start-up Company develops Advanced Technology / TV Tokyo reports.

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With the use and interception of drones becoming a major issue on the global battlefield since the war in Ukraine, TV Tokyo reporter Shinsaku Toyoshima takes an in-depth look at a Taiwanese start-up company that is developing a cutting-edge interception system.

Drone attacks are not cost-effective and difficult to capture with conventional missiles. Another issue is how to protect civilian airliners arriving at and departing from airports, as well as heads of government and other dignitaries, from drone attacks. The start-up Tron Future Tech has developed a low-cost drone acquisition and interception system that has attracted attention from defense authorities and companies around the world, including Japan's Ministry of Defence.

Through interviews with the company's top management, who graduated from Caltech, the world's premier technology university, we learn more about its latest technology and hear how they view the current risk of military conflict over the Taiwan Strait.


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