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Announce Trailer | Naruto Shippuden, Set 3 | VIZ

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Embark on a journey with #NARUTO as he faces rogue ninja and Akatsuki threats! Naruto Shippuden, Set 3 releases May 14, 2024

Pre-order Naruto Shippuden, Set 3: https://bit.ly/3uNJaNm

About #Naruto Shippuden, Set 3:
Naruto begins training under Kakashi to develop another tool in his arsenal—Wind Chakra! Then a mission takes Kakashi to the Land of Fire, where he uncovers a terrible secret! And danger strikes when a Rogue Ninja named Furido attempts to use the Lightning Style Jutsu of the Guardian Shinobi to rain destruction on the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Then Asuma and his protégé, Shikamaru, come face-to-face with the Akatsuki! The battle that ensues ends in sorrow and a devastating loss for the Leaf Ninja!

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