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Anime / Manga Contest 2015 - Draw my OCs

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IMPORTANT EDIT: I changed the judging method, please look in the description below for more info.
My facebook page:
My DA page:
References for the characters (you can draw ANY characters you find here) :
Summary of the guidelines:
1. No limit of entries
2. Draw at least one of my OCs
3. No copying/plagia
4. Nothing too obscene/adult
5. To participate, you must be subscribed to my youtube channel and like my fb page if you can.
6. You can change the clothes, age, gender of my OCs
7. Composition, poses, theme, size, bg or not, fullbody or not, etc are all up to you.
8. Deadline: July 22th, 2015
To submit your entry:
1. Send me your entry in a private message on my facebook page. :)
2. If you don't have a facebook, you can send a private message to me on deviantart or youtube.
3. If you can't, send it to my email: [email protected]
You can share your entry anywhere you want, just make sure you sent me your entry via one of these three options. If not, I wont count your entry.
I will (with my family's help) choose a top 15.
Then, people will vote for their favorite. 3rd and 2nd place will be chosen by majority vote.
1st place will be chosen by me (and my family).
More fair that way? :P
Music: Echo by Crusher-P off vocal
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