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A Day in the Life of a Tokyo Fishmonger! Witnessing the Pro Skills!

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This time, we will introduce the behind-the-scenes of a fish shop in Tokyo's Aomono-Yokocho, which has a very abundant selection of products. A lively fish market where even professional chefs come to purchase ingredients. This fishmonger procures fresh fish from Toyosu every day, and you can also encounter fish that you cannot usually see at supermarkets. Since I have commented on various fish, please turn on the subtitles and enjoy until the end.

Uofuji (魚富士)
Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/NVHZhyx4i6Z7Cs1e8
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uofuji_fish_aoyk/
Homepage: http://uofuji.net/index.html
〒140-0004 Tokyo, Shinagawa City, Minamishinagawa, 3 Chome−6−55 山本ビル

00:00:00 Highlight
00:00:39 Fish displayed at the storefront
00:00:58 Bonito (Katsuo)
00:03:10 Mackerel (filleted into three pieces)
00:04:15 Greater amberjack (Kanpachi)
00:07:56 Delivered flathead fish (Kochi)
00:08:17 Striped jack (Shimaaji)
00:10:10 Red sea bream (Tai)
00:12:12 Yellowtail (Buri)
00:14:35 Swordfish (Kajikimaguro)
00:15:48 Flathead fish (Kochi)
00:16:25 Giant clam (Shiromirugai)
00:18:50 Flathead fish (Kochi)
00:20:56 Flounder (Hirame)
00:24:42 Golden-eye snapper (Kinmedai)
00:25:43 Sea pineapple (Hoya)
00:26:44 Surf clam (Hokkigai)
00:28:20 Rockfish (Mebaru)
00:29:36 Oyster
00:30:35 Greater amberjack (Kanpachi)
00:31:49 Mackerel
00:32:13 Blackthroat seaperch (Nodoguro)
00:33:25 Bonito (Katsuo)
00:34:24 Octopus
00:35:32 Oyster
00:36:12 Barracuda (Kamasu)
00:38:42 Rockfish (Mebaru)
00:39:26 Horse mackerel
00:39:53 Rockfish (Kinki)
00:40:50 Red sea bream (Tai)
00:42:44 Oyster
00:43:04 Mackerel (filleted into two pieces)
00:43:43 Blackthroat seaperch (Nodoguro)
00:45:07 Spiny lobster (Ise Ebi)
00:46:55 Cleaning the sink area
00:47:33 Interview with the owner
00:48:17 End card

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