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A Day in My Life

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Hello my little dinosaurs!

Some people ask me what's it like to be a "Youtube Star" (really???) and as much as I cringe at the thought of the term 'Youtube Star', I can say that my life is just like anybody else. I live a simple little happy life.

In this video, you can take a glimpse into a simple day of my life. I condensed my entire day into 8 minutes for you all.

On some days I'm real bombed with work (hence no time to vlog) and on some days like this- I'm more flexible ^_^. Most days of the week, I'm usually bare faced and in comfy clothes.

On this day, I wasn't doing anything special in particular. I didn't have plans with friends. It's just another day really but I can tell you that it's the simple days that I enjoy the most. I take pleasure in all the simple joys in life ^_^

So spend the morning with me (walking the dogs, getting breakfast, grocery shopping)
Spend the afternoon with me (filming, working out, packaging designing)
Spend the evening with me (Cooking and more editing).

If you guys are wondering, the DVD I worked out on is called PUMP IT UP - Ultimate Dance Workout. I've been using it for YEARS and since my gym is renovating (grr), I whipped this baby out. I gained some holiday pounds throughout Christmas so I'm determined to shape up and be healthy for the New year. The gym can be boring so this high energy workout is perfect for me.

I LOVE areobics and sometimes it feels like I'm the only one still doing it these days and I wonder why because it's just an amazing form of exercise.

Let's all PERSUADE Tim to do the Pump It Up workout!! I've only seen him run like 5 times in my life.

I hope this video wasn't too boring. Let me know if you guys like these types of videos and I'll see what I can do .

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Thank you so much for watching!! I hope you enjoyed spending your day with little me, the dogs and Tim.

NOTE: Ever since coming back from UK, my sleeping pattern completely changed. Instead of feeling tired now, I can't sleep more than 4 hours. I don't recommend any of you to do this. I am trying to sleep earlier so don't pull a Bubz please!! Don't want to influence you guys to be like me. It's not healthy o_O

Much love, Bubz xx


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