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Umetsugu Inoue: Japan's Music Man

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Umetsugu Inoue: Japan's Music Man
A prolific and versatile filmmaker who worked across a wide range of genres throughout his long career, Umetsugu Inoue (1923-2010) made his mark at Nikkatsu Studios in the 1950s with a series of highly entertaining, genre-blending musical films that captured the explosive energy of Japan's jazz fueled youth culture. For this weekend film series, Japan Society is proud to present three of Nikkatsu's newly-subtitled, full-color Inoue classics starring heartthrob (and so-called "Japanese Elvis Presley") Yujiro Ishihara, the biggest male singing film star in postwar Japan.
"A director who had a big impact on Japanese and Hong Kong pop cinema... Inoue's mix of music, action, and hot young talent became a template for a new genre, called Nikkatsu Action."
— Variety
$14/$11 seniors & students/$10 Japan Society members
Special Offer: Purchase all 3 Umetsugu Inoue films in the same transaction and receive $2 off each ticket!
The Winner
Saturday, December 15, 2:15 PM
Sunday, December 16, 6:45 PM
The Eagle and the Hawk
Saturday, December 15, 4:30 PM
Sunday, December 16, 2 PM
The Stormy Man
Saturday, December 15, 7 PM
Sunday, December 16, 4:30 PM
ドキュメンタリー - Documentary
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