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Taste of a Liar with Phillip Reich and Ray Chase | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind | VIZ

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WHAT A SURPRISE! That's the distinct tang of a liar! ????The voices of Giorno Giovana (Phillip Reich) and Bruno Bucciarati (Ray Chase) reenact their character's iconic first meeting!

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In raw, soul-stirringly picturesque Napoli, vigilance is a prized virtue—especially for local teen Giorno Giovanna. The Southern Italian crime syndicate is all-powerful, and Giorno is not about to let his city and its impressionable youth sink even further into the shadowy world of mafia drugs and crime. Luckily for Giorno, the like-minded mafioso Bruno Bucciarati is willing to help him in his struggle to become Primo Mafioso and overtake the Passione famiglia. But first, he has to survive initiation.

This set contains 20 episodes in 1080p, 16:9 HD on three Blu-ray discs with English and Japanese stereo audio and English subtitles.

Special Features: English Cast Interviews, 48-page Booklet, Art Gallery, Clean Opening/Ending, and Trailers

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