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Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) _ The 5th Album _ Press Conference

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♪ Download on iTunes :http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mr.-simple/id454082009?ign-mpt=uo%3D4☞ FACEBOOK SUPER JUNIOR : http://www.facebook.com/superjunior☞ FACEBOOK SMTOWN : http://www.facebook.com/smtown☞ More Album Info. [Language : KOR / ENG / JPN / CHN] : http://superjunior.smtown.com/Event = Super Junior the 5th album 'Mr. Simple' official press conferenceWhen = August 4th, 2011 at 11:30am (Thursday)Where = Imperial Palace Hotel, SeoulQ1) About the comebackLeeteuk : Top of the K-pop! Leader of Global Korean Wave! Super Junior came back with the 5th album 'Mr. Simple!' We felt pressure while preparing the 5th album but I believe those pressures will change to expectations by receiving love from our fans. We will present you a great performance at tomorrow's comeback stage.Sungmin : We know that a lot of fans from various countries are cheering for us. There are a lot of countries that we couldn't visit, so with this album, we would try our best to visit countries as much as we can and perform.Eunhyuk : I think we are making the comeback with great expectation from public so we are also very excited. Right now, the atmosphere of our team is better than ever so I believe we will perform in best condition.Q2) About the albumLeeteuk : The title song, 'Mr. Simple' expresses the best strength of Super Junior. Since the title of the song is 'Mr. Simple,' I hope you can focus more on lyrics and relieve your stress from daily life.Shindong : We have prepared great dance performances by discussing within the team so the teamwork should be the best ever. We tried to organize the dance which only 10 members can present. (Dance by Eunhyuk)Yesung : The 5th album includes 13 songs and I want to recommend the ballad song 'Memories' because all members participated for this song. Even though Shindong and Eunhyuk are rappers, they also participated for this ballad song so I think it means a lot to us.Ryeowook : Donghae wrote a song for the album and its melody and lyrics are great.Donghae : Yes, I wrote the song 'Y' and it's medium tempo R&B ballad song. The lyric is about the love story which I personally experienced. I hope that many of you can enjoy the song.Heechul : I think the 5th album is very charming, like the good looks of our members~!Kyuhyun : We have filmed the music video in Korean and Japanese so it was a tough schedule. I would like to appreciate for all the hard work we did. Good work guys~!Q3) To Taiwanese fansSiwon : Like Eunhyuk said, we will try to arrange a lot of occasions that we can express our feelings to fans worldwide.Donghae : At first, we were scheduled to film the drama for 6 months in Taiwan but we had to reduce it to 3months because of preparation for the 5th album. I sincerely appreciate for the staffs who understood our situation. I think the drama will be on air before the end of this year. I hope everyone can enjoy it.Q4) Last speechLeeteuk : We would like to thank all the people who waited for our album. There is a saying in Asia, '馬不停蹄,' which means 'running horse never stops its horseshoe.' Like the saying, we will present our stages for 24hours, 365 days a year! Thank you fans!!! We'll do our best for the 5th album!
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