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Stray Kids ヒョンジンのバッグの中身は?日本製のカメラやお気に入りの音楽グッズetc. | In The Bag | VOGUE JAPAN

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Stray Kidsのメインダンサーで先日24歳を迎えた ヒョンジンがIn The Bag( #インザバッグ )に登場。愛用するヴェルサーチのアテナバッグからは、カメラや音楽関連グッズなど沢山の必需品が。「持ち物はすべて思い出が詰まった大切なもので、自分の性格がよく現れている」というヒョンジンのアーティストらしくも洗練されたアイテムに注目して。

Featuring: Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Director - MARS
Production Company - mondays.
Director of Photography - Jo Dae Yun
Creative Producer - Leandra Behrens
Supervising Production Manager - Nikki Hopkins
Executive Producer - JA Moreno
Production Manager, On-Set - Charlene Ho
Camera Assistant - Seo Dong Woo
Gaffer - Cho Young Jae
Sound Recordist - Lee Keunho
Production Assistant - Joanne Zhang
Translator - Cha Minjung
Editor - MARS
Assistant Editor - Hanzhang Lizzy Fang
Localisation Editor - Jasjeet Singh
DI - Lucid Color
Colourist - Jiyun Yeom, Somi Na
DI Supervisor - Jiyun Yeom
DI Producer - Onew Kim
Audio Mixer - Tim Dolbear

Condé Nast Taiwan:
Coordinating Producer - Grace Liu
Development Lead, Vogue - David Huang
Creative Optimisation Assistant- Coco Chang
Programming and Development Director - Amanda Kung

Condé Nast Central Team:
Creative Video Editor - Darnell Depradine
Senior Lead - Tom Sandford

With thanks to - Hyunjin

00:00 Opening
00:10 Notebook
00:37 Pen Case
00:49 Brush Case
01:29 Camera
02:36 Sunglasses
02:50 Lip Balm
03:40 Headphones
04:23 Fragrance
04:55 Wallet
05:11 Tote Bag
05:25 Closing

チャンネル登録はこちら►► http://bit.ly/VogueJapanYouTube

VOGUE JAPAN:https://www.vogue.co.jp/
美しさ - Beauty
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