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SHINee 샤이니_Front-Runner Stage "Dream Girl"_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.03.15

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♬ Download on iTunes :US: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dream-girl/id602577591JP: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/dream-girl/id602577591HK: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/album/dream-girl/id602577591☞ For more Information : http://shinee.smtown.com/☞ SMTOWN : http://www.smtown.com/☞ SHINee Official YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/shinee☞ SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/smtown☞ Google+ SHINee : https://plus.google.com/+SHINee☞ Google+ SMTOWN : https://plus.google.com/+SMTOWN☞ Facebook SHINee : http://www.facebook.com/shinee☞ Facebook SMTOWN : http://www.facebook.com/smtown[Album Introduction]The 3rd Album Chapter 1.'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you'[English]The 3rd album is released in two packages: Chapter 1. 'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you' and Chapter 2. 'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of me', and Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have hidden keywords organically related with each other that the album gives the fun of finding and connecting keywords and interpreting them in a variety of ways, and it also satisfies the diversity that a full-length album can have, the story-like element, the fun of listening, and even the value of the album itself. Chapter 1. The title song, 'Dream Girl', is the most SHINee-like song in acid electro funk genre and is a work of Shin Hyuk who is famously known as the producer of the worldwide pop star, Justin Bieber, and his team of composers, Joombas Music Factory. The exquisite combination of the charming voices of SHINee and the thrilling melody is impressive, and with the wonderful performance that only SHINee can give, it will definitely capture the eyes and ears of the music fans.[日本語]SHINee、3rdアルバムで華麗なカムバック!今回の3rdアルバムは、Chapter 1. 「Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you」と、Chapter 2. 「Dream Girl-The misconceptions of me」の2種類で発売され、Chapter 1とChapter 2には互いに有機的に関連するキーワードが隠されており、キーワードを探して繋げ、各自が様々に解釈できる面白さを盛り込んだのはもちろん、アルバムの多様性とストーリー的な要素、聞く楽しさ、保存価値まで満たしてくれるアルバムとして完成度を更に高めた。タイトル曲の「Dream Girl」は、Acid Electro Funkジャンルで最もSHINeeらしい曲になっており、世界的なポップスターであるJustin Bieberのプロデューサーとして知られるShin Hyukプロデューサーと彼の作曲チームであるJoombas Music Factoryの作品。SHINeeメンバーの魅力的なボイスと緊張感溢れるメロディの絶妙な調和が印象的で、SHINeeならではのパフォーマンスが加わって音楽ファンの耳目を奪うものと期待される。[中國語]SHINee,携正规三辑华丽回归!值得一提的是,这张正规3辑分成《Chapter 1.'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you'》和《Chapter 2.'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of me'》两部分发售,Chapter 1和Chapter 2里隐藏着有机连贯的关键词,查找并连接关键词,可做出多种解释,也将增添欣赏音乐的乐趣。本次专辑能够满足正规专辑所拥有的多样性和故事因素、听音乐的乐趣、收藏价值,进一步提高了歌曲的完成度。主打歌《Dream Girl》是最能体现SHINee风格的Acid Electro Funk风格的曲子,是以世界著名POP歌星贾斯汀比伯的制作人而闻名的申赫及其作曲团队Joombas Music Factory的作品。SHINee成员们充满魅力的歌喉和充满紧张感的旋律之间的绝妙的结合让人印象深刻,而且SHINee独有的表演,让人们有一种耳目一新的感觉。[한국어]SHINee, 정규 3집 앨범으로 화려한 컴백!이번 정규 3집은 Chapter 1. 'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you'와 Chapter 2. 'Dream Girl-The misconceptions of me' 두 가지로 발매되며, Chapter 1과 Chapter 2에는 서로 유기적으로 연관된 키워드들이 숨겨져 있어 키워드를 찾고 연결해 각자 다양하게 해석해볼 수 있는 재미를 담았음은 물론, 정규 앨범이 가질 수 있는 다양성과 스토리적인 요소, 듣는 즐거움, 소장 가치까지 충족시켜 주는 앨범으로 완성도를 더욱 높였다. 타이틀 곡 'Dream Girl'은 Acid Electro Funk 장르의 가장 샤이니다운 곡으로, 세계적인 팝스타 저스틴 비버의 프로듀서로 유명한 신혁 프로듀서와 그의 작곡팀인 Joombas Music Factory의 작품. 샤이니 멤버들의 매력적인 보이스와 긴장감 넘치는 멜로디의 절묘한 조화가 인상적이며, 샤이니만의 차별화된 퍼포먼스가 더해져 음악 팬들의 눈과 귀를 단숨에 사로잡을 것으로 기대된다.♬ SHINee 샤이니_Front-Runner Stage "Dream Girl"_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.03.15 ℗ S.M.Entertainment
ソング- Song
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